2017 CSA Membership

Members will receive 16 weeks of vegetable and herb shares beginning in early June. We will be growing over 50 different types and 100 different varieties of vegetables and herbs. Each week members will receive 5-12 different types of vegetables and herbs of the highest quality and freshness. Members will also have the opportunity to join us for two social events on the farm. We're planning our Ice Cream Social and our Potluck Dinner.

Large Shares: Shares are designed to provide a family of 4-6 individuals with an abundance of vegetables for one week. In the early part of the season, the goal is to deliver a share that includes 5-8 types of vegetables that fill a paper grocery bag. As the season progresses, the goal is to deliver 8-12 types of vegetables filling about 2 paper grocery bag.

Medium Shares: Shares are designed to provide 3-4 individuals with an abundance of vegetables for one week with a similar variety and little more than half the quantity of full shares.

Small Shares: Shares are designed to provide 1-2 individuals with an abundance of vegetables for one week with a smaller variety of vegetables (5-8 varieties throughout the season), but the same quantity of each vegetable as a medium shares.

Worker Shares: We are accepting 5-7 worker shares for the 2017 season. Worker share members must commit to coming to the farm during a specific time slot every week for the duration of the 16 week season (approx. mid June thru September). We require all potential worker shares to come to the farm for an informal meeting to discuss and ensure a good fit for all.

Membership Sign Up:
Become a member of Groche Organic Farms’ CSA program. Complete a 2017 Groche Organic CSA Membership Application and mail it with check(s) to us at Groche Organic Farms, 14832 Velp Ave, Suamico, WI 54173.

Giving Shares: We have formed a partnership with The Giving Tree, a 170(c)(1) non-profit organization, which services families with needs in the Howard-Suamico communities. giving-treeThrough generous contributions from our CSA members and others in our community, we are able to provide Giving Shares. Each year, we will be working with the leadership of The Giving Tree to solicit families with needs who feel they could benefit from a full or half CSA share from our farm. The leadership then looks at all applicants to determine the greatest need and best fit to receive food in this manner. We are then able to provide Giving Shares equal to the contributions collected. Our goal for this year is to provide 5-10 Giving Shares. Contribution checks can be made out to The Giving Tree, which will provide contributor’s with tax deductible contribution receipts.