Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for community members to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farm providing mutual benefits. Groché Organic Farms offers shares of our produce to a limited number of CSA members every year. This local model requires minimal handling and transportation so food does not have to be shipped from across the country. CSA members have the opportunity to gain a sense of ownership of how their food is being produced. Members support the local economy by placing their food dollar directly in the hands of a farmer. The CSA model provides cash flow in the beginning of the year when we need it the most. This way of farming allows us to focus attention on the quality of the food we produce and sustainably caring for the environment. It gives us a more direct relationship with our customers to share all of the farm’s high points and challenges creating a farm community within our CSA program. Members can follow-along with our farming year by reading our newsletters and joining us for social events. Community involvement takes an important role in helping us in achieving our mission of feeding hundreds and educating thousands.

Members wanting to join Groché Organic Farms CSA can submit an application along with payment. Once signed up, members will begin receiving newsletters and farm updates. When the season begins we harvest, box, and deliver the vegetable shares to pick-up sites. Members will pick up their shares at their chosen pickup location during designated times. When picking up shares, members need to bring bags to transfer their share into so the share box can be returned to the farm for packing the next week’s share. Then the best part happens, members get to enjoy clean, fresh, and delicious organic produce at home.

What Should I Consider Before Becoming a CSA Member?

CSA members share in the risks of agriculture, from extreme weather to pests. We plan and use many mitigation practices to provide a bountiful and high quality harvest. To thank you for sharing this risk, we offer first dibs on surplus vegetables (pick-your-own), free passes to our fall corn maze and discounts on our organic, pastured, heritage chicken.

Receiving vegetable and herb shares is different than going to a grocery store where typical vegetables are found all year round. The variety of vegetables and herbs in the weekly share will change through the season. If your culinary skills are not accustomed to these vegetables, you can explore our newsletters for descriptions, recipes, cleaning, and storage tips!

If you are unable to pick up your weekly share, you must make alternate arrangements for your produce. These arrangements could include having someone else pick up your box, coming to the farm to pick up your share within 48 hours after your designated pick up time, asking that your share be donated to a food pantry, or ask that it go to market. If your share is not picked up, it will be donated to a local food pantry or family in need identified through our local Giving Tree Pantry. Becoming a member is a commitment. If you, unfortunately, cannot complete taking your share for a portion or remainder of the season, you are welcome to reassign your share to another family or donate it to our local food pantry, but we cannot issue refunds.