Why Organic?

Groché Organic Farms is 100% organic following all the requirements of the National Organic Program, NOP, standard and certified as an organic grower by Natures International Certification Services. The basic concept behind organic production is to work with and nurture the natural process of our soils and environment to provide the healthiest environment for plants and animals to be raised. Organic production does not use harmful conventional synthetic pesticides (i.e. herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides), synthetically produced fertilizers, or farming practices that are devastating the environment in which we all live every day. Our land has been certified organic for over 30 years. This means that a certification agency visits the farm every year and ensures that our land, practices, and products are in compliance with the organic standards. We always encourage our customers to visit the farm, by appointment, to see what organic production looks like.
Our plants are started from organic or untreated approved seed beginning in March at our greenhouse and then later transplanted into the ground, while others are directly seeded beginning in May. To keep our transplants and field crops healthy, we use organically approved natural fertilizers derived from rock minerals, animal manure, compost, and green cover crops incorporated back into the soil. We use crop rotations, natural pest deterrents, hand-weeding and mechanical cultivation to keep pests and weeds from hindering plant growth. We sometimes even use tennis rackets to eliminate cabbage moths! Who needs a tennis club membership? We never treat the soil with any harmful synthetic pesticides or fertilizers at any time.
There is a mutual benefit to organic farming! By not using synthetic pesticides, we allow the beneficial bugs, fungi and bacteria to remain in the soil to keep it healthy. Applying safe amounts of natural fertilizer helps to keep the water and air safe, as well. In return, the soil gives us delicious, healthy vegetables and we get to work and live in a healthy environment.
Are you interested in buying some of Groche Organic Farms seasonally available vegetables? Here’s how:

  • City of Green Bay’s Saturday Farmer’s Market
  • CSA membership
  • Call us, and come on out to the farm to purchase them!